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CHAPTER 3That was fun! I hadn't skied in years. I was wet, sore, and starting to feel a slight chill from the falling temperature, but I was in high spirits. Our rented cabin was a bit of a trek through the crunching snow. It was actually more of a small Chalet, that my buddy Kent had traded time-share points to get for that weekend. This was something he and I had been planning for months, a surprise for the girls. The final piece fell into place when Kent's parents agreed to take Kent and Janet's kids for the three-day weekend. In the distance I could see the lights shining in the two story A-frame structure we'd arrived at earlier this morning. The bulk of the day had been spent drinking, skiing, drinking, playing in the snow, and more drinking. My wife, Anne, and I are pretty close to Kent and Janet. There's a lot more playful touching and affectionate kissing than I think there is between most couples. Today was no different, of course. During our trek across the snow, very suggestive innuendo and some pretty bold groping ensued, especially between Kent and my wife. There was a bit between Janet and me, too, though I usually behaved myself more than Kent did.In the meantime, Tiffany almost wished her nipples didn't hurt so much; but, since she thought that having pain-wracked paps was her just reward for having killed those poor wasps, she felt she really had no cause for complaint. If anything, Tiffany felt she deserved to do even more penance for her misdeeds."Well that all sounds reasonable to me," I responded with a laugh at how much thought she had put into this. I considered my options for a moment and then said, "Why don't I try to make this as easy for you as possible, to show there are no hard feelings over the bet. I'll go in my room and jerk off, and when I'm ready I'll yell for you and just finish on your face. Just go in my bathroom and we can do it in the shower so we don't make a mess."

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Getting to his knees, John got behind Kelly, rubbing the head of his cock between her spread pussy lips, then pressing it into her slowly, not stopping until it had entirely disappeared in her pussy.John couldn't believe his luck when he heard this. He was even more surprised when Bob came up to him as they walked up the 18th fairway."I can't believe we're going to do this!" I said for the third time since we'd left the club. "Jesus, Doug, what if she—"I was focused on that little nub, teasing it and rolling over it with my saliva. When I began to lick up and down insistently, Cassidy's body shuddered in response. My hands were now on the back of her bare thighs, pulling her pussy against my face as I eagerly explored her sex. My soft lips and warm mouth suckled on her womanhood as my tongue danced over her clit.


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"Oh, honey, you're just perfect!" I laughed, placing my lips to her ear. "So would you be interested in coming home with me tonight?"John followed, a smile on his face and his cock getting hard again in his pants as he watched her."Jesus! Where did you learn to think like this?" Tom asked.Jenna's lips were still parted, and she was flushed and sweating. Her nipples pushed against my dress through the flimsy material of hers, and I told myself to get away from her. But my body wasn't listening and my mind was racing. Christ, she was hotter than Becca, and I had no doubt she was interested. Or was she? If this was some kind of game and I asked her back to our house, there would be hell to pay. I considered turning to look at Doug, but knew he would be of no help. If anything, he would beg me to bring her home—"Pancakes for breakfast?" She asked.She had already walked around to my desk and was looking at my computer screen. Her blue eyes quickly flashed back to mine, and then lowered to the noticeable bulge poking up into the front of my pants.
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"I think I'd at least like to try it," Kelly said, nodding. "Especially since it's Becky's father, she can be such a snotty bitch at times and it'd be fun just knowing that I was fucking her father."I rolled over on one elbow to view the scene around me. Anja was contentedly enjoying the orgasm we gave her. Anne was crying out loudly, announcing to the room she was about to come again. Kent sounded close as well. Kurt and Janet had moved to the larger sofa. She was on her back, her pretty legs dr*ped over Kurt's huge shoulders. Her eyes were closed and she was biting her lower lip. Kurt had his face buried in Jan's tasty muff."Here," she said, all smiles as she handed him the mug. "Drink, my thirsty boy."Her eyes widened. "Big!" She replied.Related ArticlesBoots weren't made for stepping softly, thought Tiffany; and the idea that Buford could tread gently on anything with his boots on struck her as absurd: He wasn't clumsy, exactly; but she would never call him graceful either. Moreover, the thought that her doctor would undoubtedly tell her not to let Buford use his boots on her labia irritated her, since to her mind he was not guilty of doing that; instead, she thought he was doing just the opposite: She thought Buford was using her labia on his boots. "It's my pussy lips' responsibility to protect the soles of your boots from getting chafed, not the other way around!" she exclaimed.Doug continued to work my clit as his fingers pumped hard into both my holes. I screamed again and saw Jenna looking at me in shock as my hips bucked wildly into Doug's face. I closed my eyes and let out a long shuddering moan as wave after wave of intense pleasure flowed through me. I felt my pussy and ass contract around his fingers and released a sharp yelp as I felt my body let go and a gush of fluid squirted out past his fingers and down my thighs.Elly leaned in and kissed her again, softly, shortly. "What was that?' she asked, voice high-pitched and breathy, almost wispy. Ia felt her stroking the runerod over her thigh, felt it buzzing faintly. Suddenly, her leg was becoming unbelievably erogenous, and she actually cried out as Elly slowly stroked it with the dildo. "You can't resist this?"


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"So who would you market me to?" Kelly asked, excited that she was having this discussion with her brother.His knees were quaking. Run, he tried to tell himself. I can't take her. She'll melt me like butter."You deserved that," I said with a laugh, once again using toilet paper to help her clean her face. None of my cum had gotten in her eyes this time, though the tops of her full, round breasts were completely covered in my jizz. I was growing to love the look of Cassidy's pale but pinkish skin coated in my white juices. "No more attacking me in the middle of the night, at least without my permission."Well, I do," Kelly said, smiling at him. "And I'd know.""I think he'll do whatever you want him to do," John replied. "I'll see you later," he said, going off to his first class, a smile on his face because of the great feeling his body now had."Keep sucking, please!" Doug called out.
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"Well, yes," John stammered. "Uh, I talked to her.""Don't forget about me," Doug told her.After what seemed like an hour of that play between the four of us, Chris suggested to hit the dance floor to let some of the built up tension subside. The two couples headed to the dance floor with each couple holding hands. We got to the floor and began to dance, Melissa is a very seductive dancer taking opportunities to rub her body against mine. She seductively swayed to and from me and as she moved there were times that her short shirt moved in such a way that it exposed the bottoms of her ass cheek. At one point, she faced me and pulled up the front of her skirt showing me her lovely bald pussy. I wish I could tell you what was happening between Lynn and Chris but I was so taken and focused on Melissa that the only thing I recall about those two were wrapped up in each other’s arms dancing closely together."How many?"Buford took his time in replying, leaving Tiffany in suspense. He realized he could obtain better terms from her now that she had committed herself, making it difficult for her to back out now. He pondered what demands he should make. She was a dance major, so he knew how lithe she was. He thought about this, and then he knew what he wanted. The agreeable thoughts that came to his mind made him smile, much to Tiffany's relief."But not just any porn," she continued in a soft purr. "A site called Couples Seeking Teens. It's all videos about people your age playing with girls like me. I get off to them and think of you guys. I want to play!" She pushed her lips out in a precious pout, her lower lip trembling. "Please, I'll do anything you want!""They made excellent targets, splayed out like that, and let me pummel them, first with one boot heel, then the other, making good contact; but they were obviously just getting their kicks from getting kicked, since they just kept on playfully taunting me, inviting further abuse, by putting themselves on display like that. They did look a bit sore after I put them through the wringer a few times though." Buford laughed in appreciation of the pleasant memory.Kent brought Anne off first. They were already rearranging the chairs around the table when Janet reached her own climax.


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"They'll have more than a fit if they ever find out all of it, that's for sure," Kelly agreed.Anne was now pulling insistently on my cock. I knew what it was she wanted: a cock in her mouth. Without changing the placement of my tongue on Jan's heated pussy, I scooted my hips towards my Sweethearts' waiting, open mouth. Now, with my cock sliding between her lips, Anne's squeals of delight were muffled significantly. This caused Janet to look curiously down between her heaving breasts at Anne. Smiling, her eyes locked with mine.Doug came up behind me, and Jenna turned her gaze to him and sighed. "I can't believe you're going to fuck me.""Thanks, Mr. Henderson," John said, getting out of the car.Kent followed Anne out, his semi hard cock swinging before him. He paused long enough to playfully tweak one of Anne's nipples as he dashed to the kitchen to finish setting out the wine. Damn, I should have done that for him!"Not yet." Murmured Kent.
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"N-no..." The redhead bit her lip. "I... I'm really horny. I need... need..."Goblin's Note: Thanks so much for reading! We're gonna be taking a break from Intrepid Pawns for a bit to focus on Monstrous Ranch, but rest assured, the gang will be back in good time. :)When the girl's breathing had returned nearly to normal, the boy whispered in her ear again: "Your nipples will still hurt bad for a while, but at least you got the stingers out. There's only one problem. The wasps you killed are an endangered species. If anyone finds out what you did, you could go to prison for years. You'll have to hide the evidence.""You do this a lot?""You can call me Tom, John," he replied. "After all, we're golfing partners now, aren't we?"April 20, 2017"Please do," he replied, looking up at John and smiling. There was now a definite twinkle in his eye because of what Kelly was doing to his erect peter.And only one kind of girl could want that.


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"I'm asking you now," she said with a smile. "If this is going to work, you have to be willing to hold up your end of the agreement. You have to be willing to do it when I want, not just when you want." She playfully kicked her jeans off over her feet and was suddenly naked from the waist down. "Besides, I got a little turned on feeling your cock pulse between my fingers and shoot all that hot cum into my hand. Now I want to see what you can do for me."She paused for a moment, and then her big, blue eyes stared straight into mine. "I couldn't resist, last night," she began. "For weeks I've been thinking about how that big dick of yours would feel inside of me. I've never sucked one so big, and I couldn't get it out of my head how it would feel stretching my pussy like it stretched my mouth.He licked his lips, desperate to savor the last of the exquisite beverage that had damned him. His body was sinking deep beneath the syrupy waves as ecstasy rushed through him."I don't know, what's a lot?" John asked.He frowned. "Yeah, I guess you're right, but goddamn, Kim. I never knew she was that hot, and I really think she—""That's why I want you to go out with some of my friends," Kelly said plaintively. "They'd fuck you in a heartbeat and then we could talk about it."
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After only a few thrusts, the experience and the unbelievable sight before me began to overwhelm me. I felt the familiar pleasure of an impending orgasm."I don't," John said, steel in his voice."Maybe John can help," Kelly said, trying to bring her knees up and stay on the stool at the same time. Then she spread her arms out to the edge of the bar, steadying herself."Thank you, it's been chilly in here, see." She said, sweetly."Well, yes," John stammered. "Uh, I talked to her.""How do they feel, baby?" I asked, licking my lips."I don't know how a never noticed before that you have such a big cock," she told me casually. "It's not like you hide it.""Hey, I noticed my wife impaled herself on you a few minutes ago. I think Jan has ideas, too."


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Read More »"Oh, really!" Kelly exclaimed. "You really want to fuck me again?"And, oh, the things she was saying..."I'm going to bed now," Kelly said, getting to her feet.Trying to pick up his slack, I removed her hand from my arm. "Jenna, go back into the club and have fun. You're right. That's what we enjoy, but—""All for you," Doug told her. "Well, and my hot wife," he added with a wink in the mirror.
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Her eyes widened. Her pussy gushed. Her lips trembled, and she babbled for what felt like a whole minute as the fairies tickled and sucked at her, as the runerod teased her, as Elly watched and masturbated to the mere sight of her. She couldn't even form even basic words without a struggle. Even the runerod's slight buzzing at her entrance was heavenly, was mind-numbing. She wanted more. She wanted Elly to fuck her brains out.The brunette’s tongue began to walk along the toy, inch by inch, meeting the impatient look of her companion. The second nodded and placed a leg atop a small patio table. Her partner smirked as she approached her, using a hand to feel for her arousal before pushing in all those inches seemingly no effort at all.John watched as inch by inch Mr. Henderson's cock slid into Kelly's pussy. He couldn't believe how big it seemed to him and how easily Kelly's portal of joy adjusted to its size, welcoming it deep inside of her secrete palace.Her eyes narrowed but with a shrug she answered. "Sure, I usually fool around with guys. It's just girls, sometimes." She gave me a big smile. "They make me cum harder."Janet sighed, "OK." She flipped her towel loose and rolled her eyes. She looked rather sexy with the towel at her feet.The next morning I started my day with a shower. As I was washing away the sweat from the night before, I was completely distracted by thoughts of the amazing blowjob I had received. The blowjob was so good, I was still not completely sure that it hadn't been a dream. Any lingering doubts were washed away with the sweat when I was startled by the shower door opening."I don't know," Kelly answered. "I thought I'd see what John's up to and hang out with him."She actually laughed a little at the discomfort in my response, her mischievous blue eyes and bright smile teasing me. "I'm not talking about us just having sex all the time, whenever we feel like it. I mean, I like you, but that would be a little weird with us being roommates and everything."


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About a month after Chris’ birthday party, Melissa and Chris invited us to spend the day with them on a sailboat that they were part-owner in, similar to a timeshare but with this really nice sailboat instead of a hotel. The day to go sailing with Chris and Melissa arrived and as we prepared to leave, I saw the very short jeans shorts that Lynn was going to wear. These things were so tiny, they barely covered her ass and when she bent over, it provided a really nice view of her ass and pussy. Over the top of her shorts I could see that she was wearing what appeared to be a thong or G-string bikini… funny, I didn’t recall her ever owning one?!?! Oh well, I liked how it looked! Lynn wore a matching triangle string bikini top that the outline of the top could be easily made out through the thin white cotton tank-top she wore. Where did or when she got these new super sexy “boat clothes” was a mystery to me but I definitely wasn’t complaining. I had our cooler full of our favorite non and alcoholic drinks as well as some of the food supplies that we’d be enjoying on the water that afternoon."Quit it. Don't...stop, hmmm...yeah, OK, that feels nice.""You get her on the floor, and I'll be doing everything hard! Now seriously, go hit the bathroom. She won't make it back across the floor without someone putting a move on her.""Pancakes for breakfast?" She asked."And he said yes?""I thought so!" Elly purred, giving Ia's neck a little tantalizing lick before pulling away. She pouted her lips at Ia, as the catgirl's lips down below drooled and dribbled with yet another orgasm. Elly's self-control was unbelievable—the only sign she had come was the little sparkle of bliss in her eyes. Ia was desperate to feel that way. "My little Ia loves being teased, doesn't she? She wasn't wanna come, because coming means she's been a good girl." She giggled. “And she's too smart to be a good girl!”
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"Oh, no," Kelly said, staring at him. "I want John to be there too so he can see what we are doing; it excites me.""Thank you, I really mean it," Cassidy said as the afterglow of orgasm wrapped warmly around me. "That was really hot getting to watch your face as you came. And I hope you don't mind me saying it, but you have a nice, big dick. It's impressive." She was already getting to her feet. "Sorry if this was weird, but I have to run back to the bar for the hunt. I'll see you later, thanks again!""Do you really think so?" Kelly asked. "I mean, you think I'm that nice looking?""I'd pay to be fucked by a cock like that," Kelly said, shaking her head wistfully."That was nice, Mr. Henderson," she said. "I love the taste of your cum."Jenna pulled my bra apart and I straightened my arms for her to slide the straps off. Instead she grabbed the front and yanking it down caused my breasts to spring free."You just drank a gallon of my come, and you're still thirsty?" Kent asked, incredulously."So what," Kelly said. "You afraid to skinny-dip with me?" she asked, smiling at him.


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"No," I grunted, "That's great.""How would you like it if I dressed like that around the house?" Karin asked. "You think you'd be so relaxed about it?"They finished dinner and cleaned up, Jason bragging once more about how he had beat Tom at golf and at how well John had done too.Check AlsoEven as she tickled Ia's clit, Mistress kissed her again, hard, passionate, soft and long. Despite her state, Ia struggled to think.Mistress Elly flicked the paintbrush over Ia's upper lip teasingly, and Ia moaned aloud at the sensation. "You promised to uphold order."
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In an instant, I felt a deep connection to Melissa beyond just sex.... I now had a new lover! I began to ease my cock in and out of her. Her tight pussy walls held onto my cock and her pleasure increased with every thrust. We were locked in missionary position and we seemed content to stay there. We remained in a warm and tit embrace as I continued to slowly pump my cock in and out of Melissa. Our eyes locked and it was if we looked into each other's souls as we made love to each other. Melissa wrapped her legs around me holding me tight with her thighs. I began to steadily increase my pace slowly going faster and with more intensity. I could feel my desire to cum build in me so I pulled out of Melissa to grab a condom. I put the condom on and Melissa told me that she wanted to give Chris and Lynn the same show that they gave us. I lay in the edge of the bed and Melissa mounted me "reverse cowgirl" giving our spouses a clear view of us making love. As Melissa rode me, she began to rub her clit building her towards another orgasm. Melissa's pace on my cock began to increase as did the intensity that she rubbed herself. I felt the urge to blow my load in Melissa but I tried to hold out till she came again. I felt her pussy walls begin to tremble and squeeze me as she began to moan and scream... this was my moment. I stayed off as long as I could and somehow managed a few more od Melissa's pelvic thrusts before I exploded. Melissa forced her waist down on to me as hard as she could as I shot my load into my condom. Sensing that I was complete, Melissa lifted herself off of me and laid her body atop of me showing her freshly fucked pussy to Chris and Lynn.The two ladies cleaned off their breasts and took their positions next to Chris and I. I was surprised at how eager my wife was to allow someone else go down on her. Lynn spread her legs wide open and pulled her tiny bikini bottom to the side and Chris dove straight in. I watched in anticipation waiting to see how my wife was going to react. Watching her take pleasure in what Chris was doing to her was an unexpected pleasure in itself. There I was standing up watching my wife getting her pussy eaten out by another man and I found myself caught in a trance, so much so, I hadn’t realized that Melissa had removed her bottom and sat on the edge of the lounge chair. She grabbed my hand and called me to give her some attention. I looked at Melissa and she was absolutely hot and waiting for my attention. I got on my knees and positioned myself between her legs looking at her bald and pierced pussy. Her vulva lips were a bit bigger than Lynn’s but it was the piercing that really caught my attention. She had a barbell pierced through the fleshy part above her clitoris. I slowly made my way to her pussy and just before I tasted her, I closed my eyes recalling the smells that I enjoyed in the panty that she had exchanged with Lynn."How did it feel?" I asked.Both our eyes went to Kurt's long penis, extending along his thigh in a semi rigid state."Oh shit, I'm...." she moaned loudly. "I'm... cumming! I'm cumming! Don't stop!!"I could hear the crackle and snap of the newly kindled fire, and a quick sideways glance revealed Anne nowhere to be seen on the love seat. I figured she was up to something with Kent, probably giving him his reward for starting the fire."Uh-uh. I'll take credit for Anne, but Jan was already full when I got her." He took a step back, surveying his penis. "Gross, dude! Clean her up when you're done with her, will ya?"John couldn't help staring at her as she came up the embankment, her big full tits with their ruby red nipples all hard and sticking out, the light tuft of red hair covering her pussy, her clit protruding from between her pussy lips. He didn't even think about the fact that his cock grew to its full size, standing up in front of him. Kelly stopped and stared at him, not believing how big and beautiful his cock seemed to her. She dropped down to her knees in front of him.


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"Yes, it was very nice," Kelly agreed, reaching up and licking his face, tasting herself on his face. "I can't wait 'til the next time.""Forget Jenna!" Doug snapped. "That girl looks like she's leaving!"Doug laughed. Squeezing me closer to him, he took a sip from his Heineken. As always, his laugh was loud and genuine, and a few people glanced over at him and smiled. I did as well. Doug was one of those people whose smile and laughter and almost annoyingly at times, upbeat personality, spread to those around him. I tended to be more on the serious side and was the one who worried about everything so we balanced each other out well.Seconds later I was naked myself, sitting my desk chair, jerking off to an orgy scene from a hot, high end porn. I hadn't had to use porn much to get off, with Cassidy so willing to help when I needed, so there was something really hot about seeing those sexy bodies fucking. It was like my mind had forgotten some of the hotness of porn. My cock was rock solid in no time, and I felt the excited pleasure flowing through me like I could cum. The thought of cumming on Cassidy's beautiful face, her smooth skin and sparkling smile covered with my spunk, also got me turned on and ready to burst. But I remembered how I'd had a little trouble cumming in her hair the first time I came with her, so I took my time and made sure my balls were churning and I was really close to popping before I called her into my room."I wish you wouldn't talk like this," John said. "It's hard enough."She trailed off.
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She pulled her cell phone from her purse, picked up the photo, and began dialing. Everyone's attention was eagerly riveted on my wife as she waited for them to answer."Get dressed now," John said, leaning back, pussy juice smeared across his mouth. "We need to get going and you sure taste great Kelly.""No, I'll be on the bottom, you can lean over me." Here we go, again, can't agree on anything.Afterwards, Cassidy quickly changed and left to meet friends. I masturbated that night remembering the look of overwhelming ecstasy on her pretty face... and my cum spurting between her gentle hands."Is that how much it costs?" Kelly asked."Oh, don't worry about it, it's totally natural," Cassidy responded with a reassuring tone, continuing to walk slowly towards me. She was wearing a simple t-shirt herself and a tight pair of jeans. I finally noticed that her blue eyes seemed fixed on my cock, just before she said to me, "That might be the biggest dick I've ever seen in person. You mind if I touch it?"She gasped as his hand pressed against her cleavage. "Ooh. Or do we want more? Naughty boy!""Sure thing, Mr. Adams, and thanks."


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The Bookworm- An Erotic StoryThe Bookworm- An Erotic Story"The point is to cum on my face, remember," Cassidy responded. Her eyes moved to my still engorged cock wrapped tightly in my hand. "Go ahead, honey, cum on my pretty face."Toy Stories – Tiani, By Ashleigh LakeToy Stories – Tiani, By Ashleigh Lake"Nope, last night was their first time.""So Becca," I began softly, winking. "Are you into girls or just giving me a little tease?"As I turned the corner into my bathroom, I found her kneeling in my bathtub, still fully dressed, eyes closed. Her pretty face and cute little nose, which I had been fantasizing about covering with my cum mere seconds before, was tantalizing. But the rest of it was.. awkward. The glaring bright lights of my bathroom and the cheap white porcelain of the tub made me feel uncomfortable. Even the sight of Cassidy submissively waiting for me was both arousing and confusing.
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"Your sister!" Tom exclaimed, his mouth opening in surprise. "How can she help?"I looked down the street towards our house and saw Jenna's car in her parents' driveway. My heart skipped a beat when I saw her sitting on the swing on our porch.Related Articles"You'll be the first to know, sweetie!""Tell me what?" I asked warily.----------"Yeah, mom, what's wrong with the way I'm dressed anyway?" Kelly asked, laughing at her mother's look of surprise. "I'm covered. You can see more when I wear a bathing suit and you don't tell me not to wear one in public.""I'd rather spend the night here," Kelly told him.

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