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"God, Kelly, I've never cum like that before," John said, sagging against the tree, his cock drooping slightly."I would, thank you.""Yup," Kelly said, nodding her head. "Jimmy Hastings.""You sure?" I asked, "I don't want to mess up your clothes." My hand began to slide up and down my cock, the pleasurable tingling returning as I looked down at Cassidy's beautiful, waiting face.After what seemed like hours of making out and feeling each other up, it was more likely about thirty minutes or so, Melissa broke her embrace with me and said she wanted to watch her husband go at it with Lynn. Melissa climbed off of me and sat next to me draping one of her legs over mine allowing me to continue playing with her love box. I put one arm around her shoulder and we sat so close that there was no space between us. My hand over her shoulder played with her nipple and my hand in her crotch played with her pussy. Almost as if had been choreographed between the two, as soon as Melissa broke her embrace with me, Lynn and Chris began taking it to the next level. Lynn stood up pulling Chris to his feet. She knelt in front of her lover for the night and released his belt and unzipped his pants releasing his long shaft. Lynn grabbed it with her hand and began to gently caress Chris’ cock with her hands and gently gave the head of his cock a lustful kiss. She stroked his cock then in one quick gulp took Chris’ cock into her mouth. With Chris’ length, she managed to get all but the last inch or two in her mouth. Her right hand reached up and began to unbutton Chris’ shirt and her other hand began to fondle Chris’ large swollen balls. Chris assisted in removing his shirt and before long was stepping out of his pants leaving him with only his socks on. The two made their way to the bed and Lynn resumed her oral assault on Chris’ member. After several minutes of Chris being on the receiving end of my wife’s oral pleasure he decided to reciprocate."Kelly!" John exclaimed.
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Her arms flew behind her. The feather bobbed and drifted out of reach to tickle her rear. Her ass clenched reflexively as it teased her there, then flew back up, going for her neck. “S—heehee! Stop it! Eeheehee!”"Sweetheart, you're the Outtie for my Innie." She often tells me that."Becca."Buford's boys had soon found themselves a pair of beat-up old rat snap traps, after which Tiffany's teats had soon found themselves carefully rigged with spanking if not new booby traps. After Buford had had Tiffany release the funnel and sit back until the wide end of the funnel was resting on the floor and she was resting on the narrow end, the twins had got to work. Mindful of their fingers, the boys had carefully pulled back and released the hammers a number of times until the traps had latched on to Tiffany's nipples correctly and to the boys' satisfaction. Although Tiffany had done practically nothing but moan and groan the whole time the boys had been busy doing all of the work of fitting her out with her new gear, her whining had not seemed to annoy the good-natured twins, who had just laughed at her complaints.Swinging my leg over her chest, I slipped my legs under her arms and eased myself back until we were in a sixty-nine. Jenna continued to amaze me even as she yelped from the hard fucking Doug was giving her. Her arms wrapped around my waist and pulled my pussy into her face. I cried out at the feeling of her soft, wet tongue plunging into my pussy. She swirled her tongue around inside me and then quickly slipped her tongue up to my clit. I could tell by the way her tongue began dancing across my clit that mine was not the first pussy she had licked.I couldn't tell if it was shame or hurt that was dragging down her pretty smile. But my regret at causing the emotion, plus the way she had sold her offer, won out over my better judgment. I should just be honest and say that my penis won the argument.He leaned in, heart pounding. Could she really save him?"I'll have to see if I can top that!" Doug said from behind me, then after giving me several savage pumps that caused me to yelp with each one called out, "I think our guest wanted me to fuck her!"


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John and Kelly saw each other several times during the day at school. They even having one class in common and it seemed like one of the longest days ever before the last class ended and they met at their bicycles."That's unsanitary," I said with a laugh."Three." Anne blurted, giggling."Some guys are longer, but not as thick." She continued. "There was a short, really thick guy once. The guys with really huge dicks aren't getting near me. Uh-uh!""I think Doug has too many clothes on," I said, grabbing his shirt."Well, I am," John said, truly embarrassed and feeling his cock growing in his shorts to prove it.
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"P-please, I give in, just gimme the runerod...""Oh, it's freezing out there. C'mon in." Anne stepped back and waved them inside. Stomping the snow from their boots, they entered to greetings called out by both Kent and I from across the room. Anne closed the door as the cold draft swept through to the kitchen."I'll probably be asleep by then too," John said."And he said yes?""Sister," the brunette said warningly, "we can't fuck him, remember? It'd spoil everything! Just make him lick you out!"Tiffany winced. Buford's words had reminded her of the Bufords' little family reunion: His twin sons normally stayed with their unwed mother, who had retained sole custody; but they had gotten to stay with their father for Take-Your-Sons-to-Work Day. Dad had taken advantage of the opportunity to show them a good time.Seconds later I was naked myself, sitting my desk chair, jerking off to an orgy scene from a hot, high end porn. I hadn't had to use porn much to get off, with Cassidy so willing to help when I needed, so there was something really hot about seeing those sexy bodies fucking. It was like my mind had forgotten some of the hotness of porn. My cock was rock solid in no time, and I felt the excited pleasure flowing through me like I could cum. The thought of cumming on Cassidy's beautiful face, her smooth skin and sparkling smile covered with my spunk, also got me turned on and ready to burst. But I remembered how I'd had a little trouble cumming in her hair the first time I came with her, so I took my time and made sure my balls were churning and I was really close to popping before I called her into my room."Me too," John agreed. "Night, mom," he said, kissing her on the cheek. God he was thinking their mother looked as good as Kelly, and his cock started getting hard again just thinking about it.


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LELO Sex Position of the Week: An Even KneelNot wanting to blow my load in her mouth, I pushed her off of me and opened her legs giving me full access to plunging my dick into her. I placed the tip of my head at the entrance of Melissa's love canal and I heard Chris give me his blessings.... "Fuck her.... Make passionate love to her! Be the lover she wants!!!" Melissa's eyes had been closed from the moment she erupted in her orgasm and I wanted to see her face when I entered her. I used one hand to spread her lips open and my other hand I used to guide the head of my cock into her. As the mushroom head of my dick entered her, Melissa opened her eyes and gazed into mine... a tear started to develop in her right eye and I wondered if she regretted what we were doing. I leaned in towards her and asked if she was ok.... Melissa whispers in my ear that she never thought that someone else could make her feel the was Chris does, but the moment I entered her, she felt something special between us was happening. That moment, I changed the way I was going to fuck Melissa. I now wanted to make love to her, the same way that I make love to my wife... I eased the remainder of my cock into Melissa and when she felt me bottom out in her she kissed me on my lips and whispered, "I love you honey! I want you to make love to me!"."Yes, I want that, too." She said in her delightful accent."What did you tell your parents about where you were going?" Tom asked as he handed them each a soda."I don't know what you think you know, but I—you're wrong." Turning, I walked quickly off the dance floor and over to Doug."Oh, fuck," Doug groaned as he placed his hands on the backs of our heads.
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And the runerod pushed in completely.Difficulty Rating: 4/5 Pros: There are two things we don’t like about being the receiver in the doggy-style position; firstly, it puts a lot of weight on your ...I dove in head first at the invitation, leaping out of my seat. "Oh shit!" she exclaimed as my warm mouth closed over her soft pussy lips. My tongue slid up and down over her outer folds and I was greeted with a taste that was definitely feminine but much slighter than I was used to. My tongue bore into her hole, investigating the uniqueness of her pussy, and Cassidy's hands went to the back of my head, pulling me in as she moaned."Thing is, the ones with boyfriends are off limits and the rest are all here with a bunch of friends." I tapped him on the chest as I continued. "You know, Doug, that's a problem. I strike out and one of these little blabbermouths tells their friends and it's all over the club."When Kelly felt his cock begin to grow even bigger inside of her pussy, she too knew that he was about to cum.Still with her eyes closed, Cassidy reached up towards me with one hand. "Give me your hand," she ordered. "If you want, you can touch them.""Oh honey," Cassidy scolded."Not at all?" John asked.


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"I guess so," she responded. "Besides, it might be fun. And if I'm going to be a whore I have to do things like that, don't I?"We embraced each other and passionately kissed each other enjoying the post sex rush of emotions and emotions. I looked into Melissa's brown eyed and whispered "Thank you for making love to me.... I love you!" To which she replied much the same. As Melissa and I began to release each other, Chris and Lynn made their way to the bed, but this time cuddling up th their own spouse. Lynn hugged me and kissed me deeply and passionately telling me how thankful for giving her a chance to have sex with Chris. I echoed the same sentiment and we began to kiss and fondle each other making ourselves ready for another go round.Anne slapped at me playfully, denying she'd had sex with four men in one evening, until I named the three other guys and myself that enjoyed her favors that evening at the club a few years ago.The Story Begins ? An Erotic StoryThe Story Begins ? An Erotic Story"Not after what you just said! Let's just go. It was a good idea, but it didn't work, and now I'm afraid she'll say something." I sighed. "Besides, maybe it's for the best. We should be home watching Jenna while she thinks her parents trust her enough to be unwatched."The New STI You Haven’t Heard About Yet
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"Oh, yes, I'm sure," Kelly replied, her tongue flicking out to lick his peter. "I want to try it, anyway. You don't mind, do you?" she asked. "Because if it bothers you, I won't do it. I'd rather have you anyway." "No, it doesn't bother me," John said, shaking his head. "It's just business as far as I'm concerned.""So I decided to up the ante on them, to really make them pay to play. I wanted to see how they would respond to the higher stakes." Buford licked his lips again. He continued: "I was pleased by their response. No matter how high I raised the stakes, they never flinched away from the punishing treatment, and remained gamely spread-eagled.He took a deep breath, trying to rally himself, to steady his nerves and steel his will. But all he breathed in was spicy sweetness. Honey and liqueur and nutmeg and cloves and cinnamon. Spices he didn't know by name and yet instinctively knew, spices humans had been trained by their Thriae owners to melt for since before written history."Dad, are you playing golf today?" John asked as they began to eat.He looked at Tiffany. "I was bewitched by those lovely lips. It was enchanting to see them kiss my dirty old boots, and watching them greedily lick and lap the dirt and filth away was wickedly fascinating. They really worked their charms on me."In mere seconds she had his pants open and his cock out, sucking it into her mouth eagerly, one hand massaging his balls. But she only sucked on him for a few seconds, and then turned away on her hands and knees, her ass and pussy pointing at him."I love your breasts, they're so sexy," I responded as Cassidy's hands tugged upwards over my excited pole. "Your face is so beautiful... your eyes and your lips... You're so sexy!" I was losing control, both over my words and my body.He finished his breakfast and went to take a quick shower before leaving for the golf course with his dad. When he had finished and went back to his room, he almost jumped through the roof when he turned from closing the door to see Kelly standing there. His cock moved from semi-hard to its full size, standing out in front of him as he grinned at his beautiful red headed sister.


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After they finished dinner and cleaned up, they got their bicycles from the garage and started to ride to the house and John quickly filled Kelly in on his conversation with Bob Adams that afternoon.The waves of pleasure spread through me as her immobile body rode along with my muscles, gulping from exertion. After a few minutes our breaths slowed and synchronized, and I think even our chests started a heartbeat conversation at their own, secret speed. I opened my eyes to find myself in front of her own, and again, the words remained."I understand," I responded, and quickly decided to take her up on her offer. "Let me... go to my room an I'll call you when I'm ready."Elly beamed at her. “Good girl.”Chris realized that my stare was fixed on his wife’s beautiful, bald and pierced pussy. He slid a hand down to her exposed crotch and began to tease her pussy. Realizing that Chris had slid his hand to her pussy, Melissa immediately closed her legs showing a bit of embarrassment. Chris leaned over and whispered something in her ear which caused her to reopen her legs once again gave me an unobstructed view of Chris playing with her pussy. It was about this time when Lynn realized that I was fixated on what was being shown to me and she decided to join in on the fun, “I think I want some of that too!” My wife grabbed my hand and began to lead it towards her crotch but I didn’t need too much coaxing. I took full advantage of the opportunity and reached between Lynn’s legs and pulled her bikini bottom aside exposing her pussy and began to play with her allowing Chris and Melissa to watch. With all of the sexual tension going on, I was amazed that we somehow managed to continue to keep up some semblance of a conversation.I looked behind me. Anne and Kent were cuddling, watching us with broad smiles on their faces. Anne's full red lips still glistened with traces of his come.
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Instead, she stepped aside, and a beautiful blonde woman came into view. Brist blinked again, twice. It took him strangely long to remember the name.Kent followed Anne's lead and soon his clothing joined hers in a pile on the floor. I secretly hoped our neighbors were watching. Kent went to the kitchen, returning with his "James Bond" corkscrew set. While our disagreement dragged on, Jan and I slowly disrobed, one item at a time. I threw her a challenge: She and I would get in a sixty-nine, and the first one made to come would have to call.It knows what it wants, he thought numbly. He imagined kneeling down in the archway and begging her to... no, he couldn't think these things...Ten minutes? No, she's—she's lying! It has to have been longer! Ia screwed her eyes shut as she felt Elly's hand barely graze her inner thigh. She didn't know anymore. She didn't know what time it was, how much longer she could hold out. All she knew was the torturous lust that Elly had filled her with.The girls lay with their heads at opposite ends of the rug, which put Kent and me elbow-to-elbow, parallel to each other. Now and then we glanced up from pleasuring each other's wives to flash a satisfied grin, acknowledging our good fortune. Presently, I snaked my left hand up along Janet's supple form to fill my palm with her soft, ample breast. Her nipple was stiff to my touch. Not as large as Anne's were, nevertheless an indicator of her pleasure. Jan was bucking and grinding her hips now. Though she was slower to reach orgasm than Anne, I sensed an earthquake growing within her, as small trembling spasms came closer together. I tried to motion with my head for Kent to play with Anne's nipples, something she dearly loves, but Jan clutched my skull too tightly to do more than move my eyes. Kent's eyes narrowed in confusion, not understanding my meaning. With my free hand, I grabbed his right wrist and moved it towards Anne's lovely, pert tits. In doing so, I turned slightly on my left side, allowing my stiff erection to spring free from beneath me. Anne had been alternately pulling Kent's hair and ears, and caressing my bottom, back and thighs. She had been touching me when I turned, so her hand slipped and made contact with my hard cock.Cassidy hesitated just a second before saying, "Okay."I noticed Doug wasn't the only one watching us now. I saw several guys turned around at the bar staring. Doug was going to be getting any dirty, fucking thing he wanted from me for months to come for coming up with this idea! He was smiling as always. I saw him say something to one of the guys next to him, who glanced back at me and then slapped him on the shoulder. I had no issue with his bragging about me. Grabbing Becca's wrists, I gently eased her arms from around my waist and as I began to turn, told her, "Spin around for me.""Wow! This is some very expensive wine." He said.


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While I slowly applied deep red to my lips, I looked over at my heart's current desire. From this close, I could see that despite the makeup she appeared even younger, and I had no doubt she was just eighteen. Her big blue eyes were focused on her face as she applied her own pink lipstick and I dropped my gaze to stare at her amazing cleavage. Her creamy white breasts were bigger than my own rather ample chest and I could all but feel them beneath my touch. With her red hair and fair complexion, I could just imagine how pink her nipples would be, which meant her pussy would be as well."How's Kelly," he whispered to John when he was sure he wouldn't be heard."Good, I'm glad," she said as she stepped out of the tub. "A deal is a deal. But now I have to go clean myself up. Thanks for not getting cum on my jacket."Jenna began to laugh, but it turned into a squeal as Doug started fucking the shit out of her.Even as she tickled Ia's clit, Mistress kissed her again, hard, passionate, soft and long. Despite her state, Ia struggled to think.He quickly nodded, but his eyes were fixed on Jenna's ass as she finished her turn and faced me, asking, "Hey, can I call you Kim? I mean, I am eighteen, and we are out at a club."
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Anne was giggling uncontrollably as she continued to elude Kent around the table.Doug had worked as a personal trainer since just out of college and led by example. His shoulders were broad and his arms and chest were a testament to a lifetime of working out as was his still perfect thirty two waist. Slipping my arm around that waist, I sighed. "So, you really have no idea how to do this?""Oh, please let Doug do it!""I know, I just hope this doesn't change things with them. I really like Kent and Janet."Anja was as stunning as the other women. Almost a head taller than Janet, barefoot she was about even with Anne in her high heels. Anja held out her hand in greeting, which I lifted and bent my head to kiss. I looked her over admiringly. A beautiful face with very blue eyes, and straight, shoulder length blonde hair, so blonde as to almost be white. Her body was fantastic. Her large breasts had a barely noticeable sag to them, a smooth belly, and pleasantly wide hips. I guessed them both to be about forty-five."I'm gonna do it," the catgirl hissed, as the suckling at Ia's breasts grew stronger, as the tickling of her feet grew more intense. Ia couldn't stop laughing. "Gonna do it over and over again, and I'm gonna come like crazy watching it. 'Cause you don't wanna be a bimbo. 'Cause you wanna stay free. And you know what?""Well, how about tomorrow night?" Tom asked. "Can you get out on a week night?"“Again.”


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As the laughter subsided, Anne whispered in my ear. "Sweetheart, I think he's too big for me."She rolled her eyes. "Ignorance is bliss." Surprising me by taking my hand, she said, "Hey Kim, wanna dance with me?"He pointed to the mirror and I saw Jenna turn her head slightly. I gave her a wink and then moaned as seeing me she slowly eased Doug's cock from her mouth, "How do I look sucking your husband's cock?"She seemed to notice. "I have an idea, and if you think it's crazy, we can totally forget that I ever mentioned it." She licked her fingers delicately, to clean off the remnants of the meal she was making, before giving me a slyly inquisitive look.I felt movement next to me and saw Doug ease past me and stand behind Jenna. He caught my eye and mouthed, "Goddamn" as he watched us kiss. My attention left Doug when Jenna's tongue pushed against my lips and I opened my mouth to welcome it inside. We both purred softly as her soft wet tongue danced across mine and we began to rock side to side causing our breasts to slide across each other. My nipples had been aching for the last half hour, and I decided it was time there was no clothing between us.Tiffany had come to a decision. She spoke earnestly to the knowing old codger: "Mr. Buford, as you know, I'm no longer so strapped for cash as I was when we first met. I can afford to buy food now, now that I have my own apartment and don't have to pay the rent on a big house for my three friends who skipped out on me and left me holding the bag like last year; but would it be alright with you if we extended our agreement, and you continued to feed me, in exchange for my continuing to help out with some cleaning?"
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To the Rhythm of the Music – An Erotic StoryTo the Rhythm of the Music – An Erotic StoryKent and Jan were listening with rapt fascination. Here came the funny part. So far no one had made any lewd or suggestive comments, which would have been entirely normal for this kind of gathering."Well, you asked if I was here alone and I said sort of?" I tried to laugh but stopped when Becca eased back from me."Thanks, buddy." I said, then added: "Hey, wait a minute. Is that because you think she won't like it, or...""Then cum!" I demanded, never slowing as my long, thick cock plunged in and out of her pussy.While my mind was still trying to digest what Cassidy was nonchalantly saying, she continued. "But I'm just a girl, and I know how boys are. So if we agree to this, I'm going to need you to help me two times for every one time I help you. I mean, it's not like I'm going to be, like, super strict and carefully counting or keeping records. But I, like, know how boys can be, and... I just want it to be fair for me too. So it's got to be about two times for me every one time for you."
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"Look at us, Becca" I said, not wanting to give up. "We're out here in public. There's a club full of people who've seen us together. We're not looking to hurt anyone. We just really enjoy girls your age.""So how would your sister figure into this?" Tom asked a smile on his face."As soon as we get in the garage," Kelly said. "Just do it as fast as you can. If you hurry, mom won't notice. I've got to have a cock inside my pussy or I'll simply go crazy.""Love you, too!" They both chorused, and then giggled."Okay.""If you don't like it," she said sweetly, "just make me stop.""Why, yes, she is," he agreed. "Very pretty actually."Kurt and Anja, as well as Kent and Janet took note of our whispered exchange, and the apparent connection between our words and Kurt's cock.

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