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The wasp-waisted blonde was stirring something on the woodstove, humming a cheery tune.If there was a bed in the room I did not realize; I was too busy letting myself be carried away by the sensation being released with every touch of their lips on my skin. She now knelt in front of me, kissing my abdomen, which no longer seemed mine: it was the home of at least a hundred butterflies, each competing to land against her lips. Forcing my head from its ecstatic loll, I looked down at her, her hungry eyes not wavering from my face. Like a puppet, I extended my hand and pulled her to stand. We melted again into a moist, needy kiss. I hugged her body and held on as she let her hands loose along body,Down below, in the ultimate humiliation, his hand was wrapped around his cock and gently squeezing. Never enough to come. He was willingly edging himself, willingly making himself more vulnerable. He craved their command. Craved their torture.Tiffany pulled her car up beside Buford, who was crossing the dusty drive towards his farmhouse. Buford grinned down at her. "Well, this is a surprise," he said, "I certainly wasn't expecting to see you today."Her eyes sparkled with mischief. Ia stared into those eyes, and saw reflected in them her own eyes. Gasping. Needy. Almost... hypnotized.Buford snapped his fingers to wake her from her reverie. Tiffany jumped, her tit tips atingle.
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"Yeah, he's been staring at us since we've been up here.""I want you to cum in my mouth," she gasped, fucking up at him. "I always want you to cum in my mouth."The look on my face made everyone crack up hysterically. When I recovered from the shock, I broke into a huge grin, not so much from getting laughed at, but the realization that she was absolutely serious."My, how generous of you."Buford took his time in replying, leaving Tiffany in suspense. He realized he could obtain better terms from her now that she had committed herself, making it difficult for her to back out now. He pondered what demands he should make. She was a dance major, so he knew how lithe she was. He thought about this, and then he knew what he wanted. The agreeable thoughts that came to his mind made him smile, much to Tiffany's relief.The last sight John had was his sister's ass as it swung through the door. He couldn't believe how everything had turned out. Never in his wildest imagination had anything like this occurred to him. Life was sure going to get interesting, he thought as his eyes closed and he drifted off to sleep."Well, that's a laugh," Jason said. "Yes, you might one day beat me, but I think it might take you a bit more than a year to get that good."I blushed furiously, my eyes following Jenna who had worked herself back up to a standing position. She raised her arms over her head again, but this time, she took her long blonde hair up with it. She began moving faster, gyrating her hips wildly while shaking her head back and forth. Her blonde hair whirled about her, her eyes closed, her perfect lips parted. I swallowed hard at how damn sexy she looked. Unable to help it, my eyes dropped to her tits as she shook them.


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John went into the bathroom to take his shower, surprised to find that his cock was raging hard once again. He couldn't believe how turned on he got by looking at his sister. Also he couldn't wait to see Mr. Henderson's reaction tonight and Kelly's reaction also, he thought as he showered. It was sure going to be fun.Ia shook, both in mind and body, the last vestiges of free thought trying in vain to assert themselves against a windstorm that could rip whole oaks from the soil. "B-but... honey addict, Mistress..." Her voice was pathetically small. Questioning, even—like she was begging to be proven wrong. “She's a h-honey addict...”"Hey!" a voice called out directly behind me.She nodded. "Plain. I like to be comfortable, but when I come to a place like this I like to, you know"—she winked—"show off.""Maybe I should tell him about Kelly," John mused, curious to what Tom's reaction would be to that comment."Anyway," she continued, "I still shouldn't have jumped you like that. So you tell me how I can make it up to you and I'll do it."
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"Bad enough, yet?""This would be so much easier if we were looking for a boy." I made a show of cupping my full breasts, pushing them further up in my already low-cut red dress. "Just show them these and say, 'hey, let's go'. Hell, they wouldn't even care if you were there as long as they got a piece." "You want a guy?" He shrugged. "It's been a long time since we have, but you know, if you want to—"The feather was moving closer and closer to its target. Brist's eyes widened. "Mmmf!""Your house!"Cassidy looked at me questioningly, her big, blue eyes suspicious. "You're already online?" she asked. "You just came in a minute ago. What are you doing in there?""No!" I snapped in frustration. "Christ, Doug, are you serious? That's Jim and Laurie's daughter!"“And what,” Elly said slowly, “does that make you?”Kurt was a pretty big guy. Well built, anyway, judging by the admiring glances cast his way by Anne and Janet.


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Shortly, I began to feel a slight pain. With my lower body twisted to the left for Anne, and my upper body turned right to accommodate Jan, I was extremely uncomfortable. I gently disengaged from the others, intending to explain that we needed to move, but I realized in an instant that they all were thinking the same thing. Hurriedly, we rearranged ourselves in a circular fashion, and resumed our oral marathon. I was now in a better position to use my fingers on Jan. I also used my chin to increase the pressure and tempo on her clit. Jan was thrusting her hips against my face again, and I decided to see if Janet would enjoy a little anal intrusion as well. Wetting my index finger in her well-lubricated pussy, I slowly traced a path along the smooth flesh between her pussy and anus. Not getting any protest, I pressed the tip of my finger to her puckered opening. Without resistance, my finger slid in, just a little at first, but eventually I inserted the digit past the first knuckle. I used my finger as a small cock, fucking her ass gently. I could only imagine that Janet's senses were close to overload, with stimulation to her mouth, pussy, and ass.The knock on the door came just a Jan emerged from the bathroom. She was as stunning as Anne. She had on tiny white panties and a negligee, both so sheer as to be virtually see through. Jan had also put on white thigh-high stockings and white pumps similar to Anne's. Anne paused as she was heading to open the door, but Jan motioned her to go ahead. Jan and Anne opened the door for Kurt and Anja, who were obviously pleasantly surprised at the reception."Then I...well I played around with a couple of girls and now I think about you too, Kim. The two of you are just..." She sighed. "I think about it all the time! And when I saw you guys tonight I couldn't help trying!"And the paintbrush flicked over her pussy lips.I angled my head just enough so that I could see the mirror while still probing Jenna's sweet snatch and watched her take his cock back into her mouth. This time she slowly bobbing her head and I started rubbing my clit harder when I saw her looking up at Doug with those big blue eyes as she blew him. I eased my tongue from inside her and took my time sliding it down through the soft folds of her pussy, heading for her clit. Jenna whimpered around Doug's cock and her hips twitches as I stopped and ran my tongue teasingly across the skin just below her swollen pink nub."You're still the Outtie for my Innie." She purred.
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Ia was crying. Tears of sorrow, of despair, of denial, of laughter, of joy. "Mistress?""Because you look amazing in that dress," I responded immediately, without hesitation. "You've been turning me on all night, and I want to do it right here."Her blue eyes studied mine, uncertainty flashing across her pretty face. "Like I said, I trust you. And of course if we really wanted it, I'm sure some stranger in the bar would agree to do it, but I don't want to have to do that. That would probably be gross.""Enough, Kim," Doug said as he sped up and went around the slow-moving van in front of us. "It's too late now. We admitted what we're into, not that she didn't know anyway, and it's not like we don't want to, so"—he glanced over at me and placed his hand on my thigh, giving it a squeeze—"let's go have some fun."That image caused my heart to skip a beat and Doug squeezed my hand so hard it hurt. I looked at Jenna but remained silent knowing the only word that would come out was yes. Jenna looked around. Seeing no one was close to us, she stepped directly in front of me, grabbed my hand, and yanked it up under her skirt. Caught by surprise, I didn't have a chance to resist as she pressed my hand between her legs. "Oh!" I whispered at the feeling of her bare flesh, her soaking wet, bare, hot, and oh, so smooth flesh. She started sliding my hand back and forth, and I could feel the edge of it sliding between the lips of her pussy.We arrived at the nightclub and met Chris and Melissa. Chris was looking sharp in a pair of skinny legged trousers and a fitted long-sleeve shirt that highlighted his very tone figure. Melissa was an absolute sight to see…. She was rocking a fitted red blouse with a high collar that sexily exposed her shapely shoulders and hugged her chest area fastening at her lower back. Her top had a large diamond opening in the middle of her chest exposing her luscious cleavage, and with the back of her blouse exposing her entire back, it was clear that she like my wife was wearing no bra, it was very evident seeing how snug her skirt was that Melissa wasn’t wearing any underwear either. Melissa was killing it in a pair of red patent leather “fuck-me” pumps to round off her sultry attire. We met and headed to the restaurant portion of the club and as we prepared to sit, Lynn suggested that we start the swap early and sit with the other’s spouse. Chris jumped at the opportunity and assumed his place next to my wife, and I happily sat next to Melissa. The couples sat together across from the other allowing each to witness how their respective spouse with their new partner. There was definitely a lot of sexual tension in the air but there was almost as much apprehension surrounding us as well. Throughout dinner, it was evident that both Chris and Lynn were playing with each other under the table. As for me and Melissa, she had pulled my cock out of my pants and been stroking me off and on through dinner. My left hand and fingers spent most of the night up Melissa’s skirt and in between her legs playing with her pussy. As I played with Melissa through dinner, I got turned on both by playing with Melissa’s pussy and seeing how erect my wife’s nipples were as Chris played with her. Melissa’s top was so snuggly fit that her nipples couldn’t hide the fact that like my wife, she was enjoying what was happening to her under the table. It seemed that she had changed up the jewelry on her pussy lips, instead of the barbell over the hood of her clit, she had what felt like a small hoop on one of her vulva lips and a tiny chain with a charm that felt like a heart…. I couldn’t tell for sure, but I sure looked forward to finding out for sure. Through dinner, we playfully threw out sexual innuendos that heightened the tension flowing between us. As the second and third bottles of wine emptied, I realized that inhibitions were lowering by the minute"What does that mean, you and Jan want know... with us?""It is nice," John agreed, floating.


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"Well, do you?" she persisted.She reached us. Making sure to keep my eyes on her face only, I said, "Jenna, please, I think you misunderstood what we—""That made sense, because I know how much you love the environment and hate to waste anything, especially if it's just going to end up in a landfill somewhere. I thought you probably liked the idea of using my pussy lips instead of a rag to clean the gunk off your boots because the rag would have just ended up in a landfill after you had disposed of it, and then you would have had to use yet another rag each time you cleaned your boots; my pussy lips on the other hand, after I clean the dirt and grit and crud off of them, have the advantage that they can be used to clean your boots again and again and again, and that is definitely better for the environment.Buford and Sons had been waiting for Tiffany when she had gotten back to the barn with her bucket of slops. Junior and Junior obviously weren't going anywhere, so Tiffany had disrobed and knelt at the feet of the Unholy Trinity. She had assumed her usual position, on her knees and facing away from them with her ass high in the air, and had placed her hands on her rear cheeks, awaiting the command "Open sesame!" Upon hearing the boys recite the magic words, Tiffany had parted her cheeks to reveal her hidden rear entrance.As I had asked, Doug started slow, easing his cock all the way out to the head and gently sliding it back in. I watched transfixed by the sight of my husband's big dick entering her tight pussy."He gets that all the time, that women think he might hurt them. This is not true." She said, defensively.
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We both made a show of tonguing her nipples and I watched Doug's hand slide down her soft flat stomach and disappear between her legs."Kent comes a lot when he's really horny." Janet explained while doing her make-up. She pulled back the curtain a little and looked at Anne, "He's been really horny since last night. Woke me up twice for sex after we went to bed." Anne tugged the curtain shut on us. I started the water for her, standing out of the spray to let her rinse. Normally, Anne isn't much of a 'morning sex' person, but she seemed far more excited than usual this morning."Hey, I was wondering if you have any..." I could hear Cassidy saying."I'm sorry if I was uncomfortable for you.""Okay. I'll talk to Kelly. But I don't know if my parents will let us out tonight. We went out last night."I lifted my gaze from her fingers and when our eyes met, a shiver ran through my body. And now? We were beyond words, because it was impossible for anyone to express everything that this made me feel. And even if they existed, I would have been unable to formulate a sentence at all. But no, we did not have to talk either, because our eyes connected and they said it all, silently but without question."Um, maybe a soda, Mr. Henderson," Kelly replied meekly, suddenly acting shy and nervous."I-I can't," he whimpered. He started to tip it over, but then she took his hand and held it steady. Her eyes held him just as firmly as she lifted the mug to his lips. "Thirsty boy needs his drink," she cooed. A she spoke, her fingers softly caressed his cock. His whole mind felt like it was full of wool.


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And Mistress would know. Mistress Elly was so smart. Mistress Elly got to come whenever she—"I'm going swimming again," Kelly said, getting to her feet. "If you don't come with me I'll pull you in."As we were both drying off with towels a few moments later, Cassidy said, "Now I hope you know you better ask the next time you need a little help." Her accompanying smile was honest and warm, empty of any teasing or irony."God, I can't believe it," Kelly said, her eyes wide. "What did you tell him to convince him?""To our Lovely wives!" I responded with my own mug."That sounds fine to me, Kelly," he said. "But why don't you sit on one of these bar stools. It will make it much easier. Now, hold your knees up to your chest," he instructed.
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Cassidy paused cautiously before replying. "Not really. I don't hate it, but I don't really like it either, so I normally don't let guys do that."I received another sign things could go our way as the high-tempo dance mix ended and a slower mix with a nice sensual beat came on. Without hesitating, I stepped up, put my hands on her hips, and began swaying seductively. Becca gave me one of those precious nervous giggles and moved along with me. I leaned in close and her blue eyes widened as our breasts pressed together. It was everything I could do to hold back a moan at the contact, especially when I noticed my nipples weren't the only ones that were hard."I guess that's a compliment," Kelly said, swimming over to the waters edge."Uh-uh. I'll take credit for Anne, but Jan was already full when I got her." He took a step back, surveying his penis. "Gross, dude! Clean her up when you're done with her, will ya?""Yes," Ia whined, “yes, yes, yes!""Sometimes, we go for a few hours, off and on. It not always sex all night long. They're friends, too. Just like you two are." I explained."Well, why don't you take off your shirt to start with," he suggested.I grabbed Jenna by her shoulder and pulled her down until she was lying next to me.


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When Doug's cock had nothing more to give, I released it and grabbing Jenna by her cheeks pulled her into a hard cum filled kiss. We both moaned as our lips parted and our tongues passed Doug's sticky fluid back and forth.The serious trouble started a couple weeks before my roommate was due to move out. His fiance told me she had heard I was trying to line up another roommate so I could keep my place, and she said she had a roommate who was now looking for a new apartment to share. I should have asked why I had never met her roommate, that would have been warning sign. But the question didn't cross my mind at the time."I'll say," Kelly said with a laugh at his unintended pun. "You could make money with that thing.""I told you, I think you're the most beautiful girl I've ever seen," John said."Yes, it's true," John agreed.His nose twitched. He... smelled something. Something pleasant. And his heart sank as he recognized it.
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"What?"Tags EROTIC FICTION LESBIAN MASTURBATION VOYEURISMIa couldn't even thrash anymore. She was bound too tightly. She couldn't try to tune it out. It was infusing her whole being, now. Couldn't even curse her captors, as she knew this would get her punished even worse.I was speechless. My brain was scrambling trying to catch up to the many unexpected turns in events.Suddenly, Anne jerked her thong down to mid thigh, and in a flash, stepped out of it. Jan attempted to do the same, but lost her balance and fell back, bare bottomed, onto her chair. Anne twirled her thong on her finger triumphantly, before letting it fly at Kent's' head. He caught them just as her flimsy garment hit his cheek. Kent surprised no one by bunching them in his hand and inhaling deeply the heady scent of my wife's pussy. Kent leaned conspiratorially towards me, whispering loudly enough for all to hear, "They're still wet, must be me.""Does his feel the same as Lee's?" Chris asked her. Kent was beaming. He's very proud of his equipment."Jenna, we went through this and you're wrong.""Do you really think so?" Kelly asked. "I mean, you think I'm that nice looking?"


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She didn't even have a regular boyfriend. He felt his frus-trations peak as his balls scrunched up and cum shot from the end of his cock, splashing all over the floor. When he finished cumming, he stood up, determined to figure a way out of his dilemma before he went absolutely crazy.Kent scrambled to his feet and stepped around behind Anja.She never stopped sucking, never stopped jacking me with her small hand. Her mouth and her fingers slid up and down my sensitive meat, and when her blue eyes looked up into mine again, I exploded."Heehee—no!" The brunette leaped to her feet and bolted, fleeing the floating feather. "Get awaaaAAAAH!""As often as we can!" I laughed then stopped when the look on her face didn't change."And you think you can talk her in to this idea?"
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Elly had been holding back this entire time."I want you and I want you now," Kelly insisted as they rode up to their house. Now, be quiet and mom won't hear us," she said, dismounting her bicycle and quietly walking it into the garage.Crap, I thought, but continued. "Depends what they look like. Hey, see that blond guy in the black shirt watching us?"About Katy ThornHer door was half open, and through the doorway I could see that Cassidy was alone on her bed. She was passed out on her back, the sheets askew and the comforter half over her. There were small items lying around the floor of her room, like things had been tossed to the floor or knocked over during the night. But what quickly drew my attention was that Cassidy appeared to be naked and the comforter only covered her from her waist to her ankles. Her large, creamy breasts were on full display, little light pink nipples resting atop her round, pale mounds. Her breasts were magnificent, big and full with only a slight sag from gravity pressing them down onto her chest. I got hard just seeing her round breasts, and Cassidy's peacefully sleeping face framed by bright red hair. Her skin seemed smooth and flawless, pale with a light rosy glow that made me think of strawberries and cream. And topping off the pink and white colors of her body were her small, light pink nipples sitting atop her breasts. I still get hard, years later, remembering how perfectly smooth and round and flawless those breasts were. An hour later, I was spraying my cum against the wall of my shower, imagining what it would be like to have those soft, full breasts wrapped around my cock.Wordlessly, Kent and I fucked each other's wife on the bearskin in front of the crackling fire. The women, by contrast, were moaning and screaming.As I met her on the top step, she looked down at my tits and licked her lips. "I bet they're beautiful," she whispered."Secret to what?" He asked, puzzled.

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